Passeig Miramar 42, 43850 Cambrils, España
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Patatas bravas Sotacel

Andalusian squid with a touch of fire

Grilled squid with caramelized onions

Monkfish and shrimp croquettes

Delicacies of squid (croquettes)

Iberian ham croquettes

Sea mussels sotacel

Mussels iron or steam

Sautéed beach tallinas

Flat clams with citrus touch

Fried anchovies

Sepia with all i oli de mandarina

Octopus tentacle in two firings with potato triology

Galician octopus

prawns brochette with peanut sauce

Skewers of scallops and bacon with oregano

Grilled prawns

Grilled red prawns

Cigalitas sauteed in port

Choricitos al brandy

Broken quail eggs with burger sausage and vegetable chips

Mini-burgers of beef with onions and young goat cheese (4u.n.d)

Table of Iberian ham (with glass bread)

Table of selected cheeses with quince

Seafood cream with monkfish

Salad sotacel

Tomato salad with green beans, Iberian ham and parmesan, dressed with chive oil.

Cantabrian cod and anchovy salad

Tender shoots of salad with cod, orange, caramelized onions and Cantabrian anchovies all seasoned with our sotacel vinaigrette.

Timbale of guacamole with salmon and lime air

Goat cheese salad with nuts and wild fruits

Mixed salad

Tomato and belly salad.

Carpaccio of veal with flowers of capers and parmesan

Red shrimp carpaccio

Salad of shrimp and toasted shrimps with sweet and sour sauce

Tartar of bluefin tuna with sesame oil and pineapple.

Baked salmon with citrus flavor

Grilled salmon

Crispy cod

Cod with cream of young garlic

Grilled sea bass fillet

Sea bass fillet with toasted breadcrumbs in white wine

Sole to the "meunière" with clams

Grilled sole

"Suquet de rape" (monkfish in seafood sauce)

Mariscada (sotacel) To order in low season 24h before.

Turbot in the oven

Hake to the "new Basque"

Duck breast with blackberry sauce

Grilled sirloin steak

Grilled beefsteak

Medallions of Iberian pork tenderloin

Shoulder of lamb marinated in the oven at low temperature

Lamb ribs with rosemary oil

Pork ribs with barbecue sauce

Paella marinera

Black rice with squid and clams


Bogabante stewed rice

Lobster stew (order 24h before)

Rice is at least 2 people.